Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At least my ankles look good.

So I have been working out at the Y for about a month now and I do have more energy and I think I am handling stress better. (Dave is at least still alive for the moment. hahaha) It is just irking me that I can see a difference in Dave but the most I see myself is my boobs are smaller (much to hubby's dismay) and my ankles look slimmer. Totally not fair cuz I work harder then him and I don't have a Mt Dew addiction. I even gave up my precious Dt Coke! Grrrr!

I will try and post some pics tomorrow. Finally found my camera cord. Yeah!! I have no scrappin mojo whatsoever. I am lovin all the new goodies that I have seen from CHA and that will be coming into the store soon. Can't wait to play with the new Maya Road mini trees!! So hopefully that will get me scrappin. Cross your fingers!!

1 comment:

  1. Boobs always shrink first - lol

    As for handling stress better - yea you did good last night with your phone call!!! hahaha